Tree Tuesday - Sights of Early Spring - Actifit: May 4 2021

It is perhaps late spring for some, but in northern climates like Minnesota, we are still wearing coats most days! But it’s lovely to see the trees budding out and some are flowering.

Where I go walking there are trails going every which way, and I can take any circuitous, meandering course I wish.

Some are paved trails and some wander through woods.

I started up one narrow path and came upon a deer grazing in the grass. She watched me warily, but seemed disinclined to run since I stopped and didn’t proceed toward her. I’ve heard that deer can be very unpredictable. One wouldn’t want to be pummeled with those hooves with deadly force.

That last one is a little too zoomed in and blurry, but I could help capturing her changing expression.

Next was sunset!



Thank you for visiting! And thank you to @old-guy-photos for hosting Tree Tuesday!

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