Sublime Sunday and a Guessing Game / Contest - Actifit: September 27 2020

Today was MOST gorgeous, though we were dripped on by liquid sunshine when we went out walking. That’s okay. Just a sprinkle. And grayish weather is actually good for photography.

Okay, in honor of Sublime Sunday, with thanks to @cOff33a for the #sublimesunday tag, I have run some filters on just one of the images in this collection. You have to guess which one. In fact, I will sweeten the deal with 3 Hive for the first person who figures it out. There is even a hint of sorts in this blog post.

For identification purposes, I will give each one an alphabetical label. Just share your guess as to which one has been filtered in a comment.

Photo A:

Photo B:

Photo C:

Photo D:

Photo E:

Photo F:

Photo G:

Photo H:

Photo I:

Photo J:

Okay, what is your guess?

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