I miss brazilian gyms because I can't supervise myself

In Brazil it is mandatory to have a minimum number of "teachers" or "trainers" supervising a maximum number of people working out at each gym, for example, there should be at least 1 teacher for every 5 students (random numbers to illustrate).

In Brazil we also had personal trainers that would supervise whoever paid personally, but I never hired their services. The gym trainer was already enough to help me work out in proper form and protect my joints and prevent me from accidents and injuries.

I am recording myself when the gym is empty to make sure my form ia right. Picture from one of the recordings. Of course I won't post because I am recording for myself and I know I am not fit, but who knows, if I grow some muscles I might also grow the courage to post myself working out

I am back to working out after a few months, and I realized how much I don't know about what I am doing. There is no one supervising me at the gym and I need to really pay attention. At least I learned a little bit about form from the gym trainera in Brazil.

I will go lightweight first to make sure I prevent injuries. I also want to record myself from multiple angles to make sure my form is "kinda ok", although I am ashamed of recording myself at the gym.

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