My Actifit Report Card: January 28 2023

It's a rainy day but I still went for my exercise bout.

Strange to say, but having something to report seems important enough for me to get out and hit the road.

By the end of the session, I managed a 33 minutes walk and run. Moderate intensity according to my wrist heart rate monitor.

For the first 8 minutes, I got off with a run. Felt great because I haven't been doing continuous run for months or maybe years. Not successfully done at least. This time I felt good even though it's just 8 minutes. The shoe worn for the run made the difference I think. It was sufficiently cushioned in that the impact didn't bother me. So it is really important to get a pair of suitable running shoes if one wants to run.

In the middle of the run, the story in my previous post came to mind and I am glad I am in a much better position than him. I should push myself and do the needful to become fitter by the day.

Why did I managed only 8 minutes? It was the uphill towards the end that brought out the sense of struggle, which I eventually succumbed to.

Then the remaining journey were just completed walking.

Tired nevertheless.

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