My Actifit Report Card: May 23 2023

Yesterday was a bit of a drama day. I woke up just gone 6am and my left eye and right palm of my hand were swollen. Left eye started being iffy a day before, but my hand was a big surprise to not being able to move it much.

I considered calling in sick, but I remembered I had results of measurements that need to be passed on to one of our machinists and also didn’t think staying at home all day again will do me any good.

So sunglasses on and off I went to work. As soon as my surgery was opened I called to ask for an appointment with my doctor. Since pandemic our surgeries still operate on phone appointments, so I booked one of those and waited till almost 2pm for a call from my doctor.

My doctor was a bit baffled by my symptoms and asked if I wanted to come in for a face to face appointment for someone to have a look at it. Of course I did. There was one available for 5pm.

After work I didn’t stop for a walk, just went straight to the doctor’s surgery. Surprisingly the appointment started almost on time and the doc looked at my swollen parts and couldn’t make any sense out of it either.

‘You are a mystery to us’ she said.

I’m a mystery to myself too, I wanted to say.

She prescribed me antihistamines in case it was an allergic reaction, antibiotics, as the inflammation was obvious and a blood tests with long list of things to check for. Anything she could think of that would test for swelling in various body parts.

After the appointment I had to of course go get the prescription. Antibiotic is 4 times a day on empty stomach, which makes it almost impossible to eat 😂 Has to be 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating. Luckily I have no appetite, so not much of an issue here, maybe except for dinner which I force myself to eat. I took my first dose as soon as I got home and then waited an hour before I prepared my meal.

Needless to say there was no walk afterwards. I just read a second part of Japanese manga I bought in Poland and fell asleep soon afterwards.

Pictures from outside the venue I went dancing at the weekend.

Until next walk 💙
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