My Actifit Report Card: September 23 2021

My day started early on today as I got up early in the morning which is really great to me because I can do a lot of work in the morning time. Before going to office I can do a lot of task of my outside office work in the day when I get up early in the morning and today is of that kind of day.

After getting fresh and doing some regular work offering prayer in the morning I started to work in this platform that is blogging in the blockchain. After spending huge time I went to office and there I meet couple of my colleagues after a long time and I have share the picture of them of that hung around there. It's about after one and half an year, the office is open and we was able to meet couple of students as well have come to office for their exam form fill up. Si, it is a huge gathering and meeting moments for the students and teachers after a long time which was really great.

I had several meetings in the office and it was continuously eating one after one that's why I could not get out of the office and I was in fasting mood as well. It was about 4 pm when I get out of the office. It is last day of the office of this week and I decided to go to the village home and my family was there. So I started my journey after completing the office.

It was about 7:30 p.m. when I reached my hometown cumilla. I have enjoyed the day rest of the time with my daughter spending quality time with family and had a wonderful time with family. I was so tired because how was in fast mode and after spending quality time with my daughter and family members I went to bed early on. Before going to bed I have attended a hang out of one of the communities in the platform which I love most. In couple photography you can see the photograph of food which was the common food for last couple of days for me where I was just trying to intake fresh food without cooking and priority of vegetable in the meal. Thank you very much for stopping by.

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