My Actifit Report Card: September 20 2021 || Back to work

Got up little bit late today and after that having my breakfast started my journey to go to the workplace from my city. I was out of office for about a week as I have some work outside the office. From today again I am regular at office and hopefully will continue from now.

After completing some regular work in my office come back to home and it was rainy environment today. After having my lunch started some work in online. As it was ready I could not get out of home today.

Most of the time after known and evening I have spend in blogging in blockchain based blogging platforms. As I was out of town that's why I have missed a lot of event so I have tried to recover those by spending huge time today. It is a wonderful at stress work for me but I have enjoyed a lot. I have worked upto about 11 p.m. at a stess but in between the work I have taken my dinner and offered prayer by going to the most although it was little bit raining.

That is about my day today and I am happy to enjoy such a wonderful day and each and every day is very important for us because we have a limited amount of time in our life. So we need to enjoy the day and in this post I have shared couple of photographs of flower which are really great and I have captured the flower from my rooftop garden in past. I love this flower very much because you can see it has colour combination and looking so nice when we capture it from close view.
That's all for today and thank you very much for stopping by.
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