Schedule maintenance & Learning from practical life

Regular maintenance is very important in case of maintaining any asset. When a office is maintaining a specific schedule each and every day of the week then it remains clean but when it is off for longer period of time then it is very difficult to make it or keep it clean all the time. The photographs you can see the inspection of the assets by the authority in my college to know the condition of the assets. Hostel and other academic activities are off for a year. In this long time as the area is not used by the people then it is not clean enough nowadays. You know any area will be safe when it is passed by the people and it will be dirty when there is a no passes of people on the place.

As the students are out of college for a long time that's why the hostel is is dirty compared with the academic buildings. From this happening we can easily say that to make anything neat and clean we need to have schedule based maintenance and which is possible when everything is normal onley. But still it is required to maintain the Asset at a regular interval because some assets may be destroyed or damaged by some insect and other damp condition. That's why this inspection is going on where I am the part of that inspection team.

From this observation we can analyse our day to day life with the situation as well. If we compare the situation with our learning and daily activities we can easily find a lesson from here. Whatever we have studied in our life you if we just use it or recall it at regular interval then this knowledge will last long and will sharp in your mind. But if we I don't recall those knowledge and study then gradually we shall lose this learning and memory. So it is really important to utilise our knowledge or recall age at regular intervals so that we can have a clear concept and Idea on that specified topic what we have to learn in our life.

In this way in our surroundings we can learn a lot of things and if we have just deep thinking about anything we can find some learning from any of the happening around us. This is not a philosophical thought but still you can find such kind of thinking useful when it is Deep thinking and you have enough time at your hand to think about the situation how you can relate those things in your practical life to have some learning from it. Thank you very much for stopping by

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