Flower Garden is being adopted by many

Flower is the most beautiful elements of the nature. Each and every one of us love flowers. I know many of my friends and relatives are involved with flower gardening around their yard and the balcony. It is very common tradition nowadays in Bangladesh families who are you will find at least some tob of flowers or some other trees. There are a few families who are exception to this. This kind of beautification of the houses and the balcony and the year with some flowers is showing the lab of the people towards flower garden and trees. Most of the cases it is not possible to plant some trees and as many are living in the city area where there is no space to plant. That's why they have chosen tob based beautification and gardening.

This is not only the common happening in the houses but also the offices as well. Meaning of assess h arranged with some natural flower based trees brother the paper flower which was used earlier times for beautification. When it is beautified with paper and flower then it will run long but it will not be natural. Now we have many kinds of Technology in agriculture and with the help of those technologies we can plants and trees even inside our home without any help of direct sun ray. This is so good and we can see some innovation in case of inside house gardening. They are implementing some sort of application where we can control the irrigation Fertilizer and other nutrients values of the plant inside our home. Hopefully within next few years we will have that kind of technologies in our country as well where we shall be able to control our Garden through our mobile applications and we will have some fresh vegetables as well from those Gardens along with the beautification of flowers. The technology is changing day by day and if we can use the positive sides of the technology that we can easily get such kind of natural benefits from the technology. As the city people have a few opportunity to you have some fresh vegetables from their Garden and flower in their Garden for beautification so in that case they can easily use such kind of Technology and high production rate gardening techniques so that they can also have the experience of gardening along with contributing some part to the nature.

the photographs you can see in this post is from the flower garden of my office where this year and new variety of flower has been Incorporated. When it grows its looking so beautiful and lovely to capture and watch the nature as well. I normally Don't miss the opportunity to capture the beauty of natural flower which is so good always. In the evening if I just go for walk around the campus and watching the beauty of the flowers I am been amazed and placed in from my inner part of the mind. Some flower is spreading smell and someone not but whatever you can have the eye catching view from those flowers that is so good. We can easily pacify our eyes by watching such a beautiful natural view of the flower garden. Thank you very much all for stopping by
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