Happy New Year

New year is always special to me. I love to celebrate new year because it is a new Harijan and brand new starting of the Life. Almost each and every year I normally do some plan for the upcoming year. That's why it is very very special to me.

It is said that well beginning is half done that's why I would like to start with some new routine for the new year that is the determination. I have some personal academic professional and family planning for this year which I have set on today. Hopefully I will be able to execute all those plan which I have set today. From very beginning of my life I would like to set such kind of Clan each and every year so that I can start well in the upcoming year. It is said that well beginning is half done. If starting is well hopefully The End will be well. On first day I am very much successful on executive my plan I have some daily plans as well. So so I am expecting wish from you to execute my plan comfortably in this year.

2020 was a pandemic and memorable year for all of us. But I always hope for the better days and I think ok we will be in good position in the 2021. Let's hope for the better days and let's see what happened. Thanks all for stopping by and wish all of you the Happy New Year. Thank you
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