RE: Objects May Appear Closer...........My Actifit Report Card: March 25 2023

Thank you @leo-fairy! The Suzuki was a much researched and thought out purchase that we saved for over a long period of time. It was our biggest online purchase ever! That is a story unto itself for another day.

Sometime in the near future, we are planning a trip to Boulevard Park down in Bellingham at the Bay. It's our favorite 'date' destination. We take a lovely hike along the boardwalk that juts out over the water and head to Marine Park. We usually rest there, and then on the way back, stop at the Woods Coffee shop to get a coffee as a little reward. When we go, I'll make sure we take a couple selfie.

It will depend on the weather and whatnot as it's not a place to go when it's rainy and windy. A brilliant sunny day is best.

Take care my sweet and enjoy your Sunday! Love you! 🤗💜😘💜🤗 !LADY

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