My Actifit Report Card: October 27 2021

Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by today!

Can anyone guess what that first picture is of? I’ll tell you later at the end of the post.

Today was an extraordinarily busy day at the clinic. Even though we had a couple of no-shows it was still somewhat chaotic. I was glad to see the day end. After work I ran through the drive-through post office drop, and then headed for home.

The weather was good for a change, so I was looking forward to getting out and getting a mini, night time hike in. It got dark fairly quickly, so we turned around just passed the trail head entrance. You don’t want to be out hiking when cougars are about! 🙀🙀🙀

On the way down, one of the neighbors was having a bonfire in the middle of his driveway.

I’m surprised my camera picked up the smoke as it drifted off.

It was good to get outside and get some fresh air after being cooped up all week at work. We went ahead and walked Jan home as it was pretty dark and didn’t want her to run into any wildlife. She told me she had put up her Christmas tree and then I could get a shot of it through the window.

Albeit, perhaps a little early, but then again in years past, it was only about two weeks from now that we have been known to put ours up as well. It certainly is a bright spot in the darkness.

So, has anyone guessed what that first picture is of? If you guessed that it was the yurt , you are correct! It has dome in the center of the roof that kind of acts like a skylight. Kind of cool!

That’s gonna be it for tonight. I am looking forward to Friday Eve, and Friday! Then I am done at work for four days; for glorious off days! Yippee!!

Take care and have a blessed evening, and keep on steppin!
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