My Actifit Report Card: August 1 2021

It’s baaaaaack! 🙀
What is that strange orange light in the sky? Yesterday, we had this nice breeze while we hiked. Unfortunately it blew in with it, smoke from the wildfires either from up north in Canada or from eastern Washington. Either way, it’s cast us into that eerie and surreal

Usually we can see clear to Bellingham Bay from here, but as you can see (or not) there is no view today! Add the smoke to what feels like 90% humidity, and you get a combination that makes it tough hiking!

Along Bear Hollow, I found a cottonwood seed clump stick on a tree branch. It looks ghostly!

The fungi was in glorious color!

I seem to be going backwards in time by doing almost the end first, so now I’ll do the beginning!

We headed to church this morning for our new pastor’s first official sermon. Things went well. We touched base with Jamie who deals with sound and PowerPoint as I am running PowerPoint next weekend and I needed to make sure of where some things were. The sound is no biggie as we installed that system a couple of years ago and boot it up when we lead. Anyway, just a different role for next week.

It may be hot outside, but with air conditioning eating warm weather foods is possible! We are having Cincinnati chili for dinner which would be too warm of a dish if we didn’t have the air conditioning! Yummy!!

Take care; stay cool and be safe! 👣🐑☕️🤗😎👍☀️🌻😴
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