My Actifit Report Card: February 25 2021

Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday’s are ‘me, myself and I’ days at work. I enjoy them as it allows me time to focus on things that need doing that can’t be done during a regular patient day. I accomplished quite a lot 😎

I got home and made us coffees and then we met up with Jan to do an evening moonlight hike. It’s was cool but not too cold and the moon was flirting with us through the clouds.

One of our other neighbor’s internet went out last night. She called me and I suggested a couple things to try but they didn’t work. I said she might try calling tech to see if they could troubleshoot backwards. They ended up scheduling a guy for Saturday who ironically showed up today 😏. He’s got them back up; I will say he was there well after 7 pm which is commendable as they never work that late. We noticed as we pass by there to make sure Jan gets home safely in the dark.

Tomorrow is booked all but one appointment at work so it’s going to be a busy one.

@actifit-lamb didn’t get to go tonight, but she said to tell everybody to get those @actifit hooves movin’! 🐑

Take care and have a good night! 😴🐑👣☕️🙃
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