My Actifit Report Card: January 26 2021

Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by!

The day began with ladies Zoom Bible study. It was a good study and we’ve decided to attempt in person study again, but this time at their church with masks. I’m hoping everybody complies with the mask thing as before, I was the only one who did. That was also before the recent increase in cases in our area and also before this second more deadly and more contagious variation.

We spent some time on the phone with our youngest as he was out in the elk fields letting the dog have at the mole hills. She just loves to run from hill to hill digging hoping to catch one. I don’t think she has yet, but in her defense, it’s the nature of her breed. She gets such doggie joy running as fast as she can from hill to hill never slowing down. She is a wonder to watch!

We headed out for a hike mid afternoon. It was a cold but sunny day. @actifit-lamb, Winchester and Walter were on for the hike. We stopped at the bench on Buckhorn Loop for their photo shoot. They really wanted snow to go sledding, but there was none.

Maybe we’ll have snow someday..........

If you look way off in the distance in this next photo, you can see snow capped peaks. This is towards the San Juan Islands southwest of Bellingham Bay.

Here, we did find a little, and I mean a little bit of snow from Sunday hanging around on a fallen tree.

It was a nice hike but I was glad to get home and enjoy a hot mocha by the fire. Once warmed up, we began working on a new song for Sunday’s worship set. I think it’s going to turn out fine.

Tomorrow is my work ‘Monday’ so it will be an earlier schedule than when I’m not working.

That’s gonna be it for now. @actifit-lamb reminds us to get our hooves movin’ and keep on @actifit steppin’!

Take care all! 🥰😎👍🐑👣☕️😴
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