My Actifit Report Card: January 25 2021

Hey everybody and thanks for stopping by!

I had plans to work around the house this morning so that’s what I did. My kitty had recently gotten up my makeup counter and wrecked havoc with it. He literally dumped about everything that was on it onto the floor!🙀 That gave me a reason to go through and throw out a lot of old, old makeup I should have gotten rid of a long time ago. Plus other stuff has found its way to the counter, so it was kind of a simplify activity as well.

Once that was done we ended up hanging around waiting on something with the computers. Once that was accomplished, it was hiking time!

The lateness of the hour prevented the long hike, but we did get to Towhee Ridge. @actifit-lamb and her brother Winchester were the only 2 wanting to go today. However once they saw how wet everything was from the rain this morning, they wouldn’t climb out of the backpack! I didn’t even get the chance to take a pic of them in the backpack as I was racing against darkness. I had a Valentine’s tree to add decorations to.

Joan had put a string of hearts running down the trunk of the tree. Yesterday at the Dollar Tree, I bought some heart tinsel to add. They have anything you could possibly need to decorate with!

I’ve already purchased the decorations for St. Patrick’s Day next month.

I caught some really pretty sunset photos tonight.

This next picture shows the snow line up on Sumas Mountain.

It was a lovely hike and quite dark by the time we got home.

@actifit-lamb reminds us to get our @actifit hooves movin’! ( even though she didn’t today)

Take a all and have a good night! 😴👣🐑😎👍😇☕️
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