My Actifit Report Card: December 2 2020

Hi everybody and thanks for stopping by!

Monday-Monday! Well, not really-it’s Wednesday, but that is my work Monday! It was a busy day and it went fast until the last hour and a half or so. Then it was a bit slow-well it seemed that way but we were still busy. I’m sensing a bit of an oxymoron, but oh well.

I came home after work and enjoyed a quick hike with @silvertop and with our neighbor, Jan as well. It seemed colder tonight; I thought the same thing leaving work. The funny thing is the temps are still about what they have been being. It just seems cold. 🤔

Home again; a little dinner and TV and blogging, and then it’ll be time for bed

This was Cyle and Cot last night in front of the wood stove enjoying the fire 🔥.

@actifit-lamb says ‘get your hooves movin’ and get your @actifit step done now!’

That’s gonna be it for now. Until tomorrow....👣🥰☕️
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