My Actifit Report Card: December 3 2020

Happy Thursday everyone!

As I’ve said yesterday, I’ll make myself busy today. I started by doing the laundry. I also washed some of my dusty bags. Then, as practiced, I used the clean water from my last rinse in mopping the floor. I tidy up the common area of the house- kitchen & toilet and bathroom. Then, I exclusively cleaned my room— removed cobwebs, wiped the surfaces, washed the AC’s filter and cover. After being a neat freak, I also cleaned my tools before storing them. It’s important to maintain them as well because it will not be efficient if it’s not in good condition, right?

My back is aching right now. It’s because I forgot to do stretching before doing all of these chores. But, it’s okay. Resting in a clean surrounding is truly rewarding.
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Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking