I Am Going Somewhere, Who can help me out???

Good day guys..
Well today was a day and was not bad for a start..

I said some days back that you have to create your own fun, when you can't get it. As it may be, today i created another joy for myself...

Actually, this is what i have been working on since...
It has been the headache to me, as i have been battling with it...

I got this online, and i decided to show it to us in here. To so many of us here that has made music their culture and their favorite, check this out and give your say..
If you are not a beginner, don't try me..

Since i was given this to work on, i have not been able to achieve this well, still faulty on the kicks..

Is there any technique that can help me perfect my kicks at all, please oo.

Other than doing my necessary fitness practice, and home chores to avoid wahala, this has been the only thing that has been hectic to me. Today i felt like crying, though i almost did, but actifit count comforted me. Thanks so much for this actifit app...

practicing along with it has also boosted my atifit count more than ever...

I really do need a teacher, real one with experiences to guide me through...
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