My Actifit RC: May18th 23 - Alive sightseeing in Naples, the back, 3rd stage - IAAC #351

A dear greeting to all lovers of physical activities that populate the mythical community of Actifit.

After 72 hours of weather hell we used to live with continuous downpours and the difficulty to keep away from the rain mixed with strong wind. Now, however, you can circulate without being too careful not to get soaked in colossal amounts of water.

In the morning I meet in Naples because I had to change a note torn from the Neapolitan branch of the Bank of Italy. Because it was made up of a bigger piece and a smaller one I was able to get a new one. The cut was very valuable, that is, 5 euros.

On the way back I take the subway 1 to Piazza Borsa or the stop "University" and I get off at Piazza Garibaldi and I set off for the Piazza del Carmine where stands the majestic Basilica sanctuary of Santa Maria del Carmine Maggiore of the Chiesa del Carmine.

The church was built in 1300 where he was buried the famous and unlucky Conrad of Swabia executed after he had come to Italy from Bavaria to regain the Italian throne and defeated thanks to tricks and betrayals by Charles of Anjou who decreed his death.

The monumental ecclesiastical building was erected in Gothic style by the enlightened French dynasty and houses a wonderful icon of the brown Madonna of the Carmelite nuns who arrived in this area after the exile from Palestine.

As I told you yesterday, because of the many dynasties that followed each other in the so-called Neapolitan city, the monuments were continually renovated and redesigned and never kept the original design. During his conversion to the current Baroque and Rococo style, the remains of Conrad of Swabia were found, which were then placed in custody in the church.

This heirloom became the object of Nazi greed that tried to steal it on an expedition during World War II but, the pastor remained in custody of the temple, with a clever ruse and thanks to an innate dowry of cunning managed to deceive the stupid Nazi hierarchs and failed their mission leaving the ignoble dictator empty-handed.

Yesterday we had judged really enchanting the altar of the church object of the #iamalivechallenge 350 but this of the Carmine is really valuable workmanship as its precious marbles and decorations.

Unlike other ecclesiastical places visited, the roof is adorned with a beautiful wooden bas-relief decorated with gold embedded in the ceiling and the decorations are meticulously worked.

The three organs of the church are particularly beautiful. The two lateral organs are a copy of the originals and only the one on the right works because the left organ is fake because of the destruction of the original following the collapse of the ceiling in 1700. While the one above the front door is of more recent workmanship built in 1900 and has wonderful decoration sculptures.

Since the preparations for the mass were being finalized we had to complete our tour #Alive in the sanctuary and return home having satiated our hunger for today’s culture.

In the afternoon I went down to the park of the neighborhood to celebrate my #iamalivechallenge 351 and return to the degradation of the present of the suburbs of Naples but always in shape and #alive.

Hoping you enjoyed the sightseeing tour it’s time to get the bus home and, Finally, I would like to thank all my friends from the tribe of #Alive and all the new friends who happened between the lines of my stories for reading my thoughts and see you at the next #actifit report.

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