My Actifit RC: Jan 31th 23 - I Am Alive Challenge - Siehe Neapel und stirb - IAAC #268

A dear greeting to all lovers of physical activities that populate the mythical community of Actifit.

A small white cloud wanders alone in a clean sky enriched by millions of shades of blue overlooking the western part of the capital of Campania.

Far away where the line of the horizon meets the sea you can clearly distinguish cape Miseno, Procida and Ischia.

It is early morning and I am in Piazza Sannazzaro in the maritime district of Mergellina. Magical corner of the city from which to observe the breathtaking panorama of the enchanted gulf of Campania. The smell of the sea prevails here and swallows any kind of pollution.

Despite the sun dominating unchallenged in the blue sky the cold is pungent. The icy air has now settled in the lower layers and Vesuvius continues to be covered by a mantle of abundant snow that persists on its north-western side.

Mount Somma is also whitewashed at the top but, given the dense vegetation, you can not get a precise idea of how much there is.

I arrived at the terrace of the church of Santa Maria del parto. Church built at the behest of the poet Jacopo Sannazzaro in 1500 in front of his villa among the vegetation on the promontory of Mergellina. Then the beach was just below the church. The road of Mergellina was built by removing territory from the sea as well as its marina.

The church, a kind of private chapel, is very small but also very beautiful and there are preserved many works of art including the frescoes on the walls and roof kept very well thanks to the precious work of his scrupulous and tireless pastor very careful to keep well renovated this well hidden jewel of the city of Naples.

The priest also allowed me to visit the wonderful wooden nativity scene of 1500 kept jealously in the rooms behind the main altar despite the church there were renovation works in progress.

A wonderful fresco depicting Heaven stood over my head. I really did not expect to find so many masterpieces in this amazing church building.

After completing the visit to the place of worship I took one of the many funiculars that lead to the hills of the city or that of Mergellina and I got off at the terminal stop of via Manzoni.

After taking some panoramic photos of the city I took the bus in the direction of the Virgiliano park not to be confused with the Vergiliano park that I visited last month.

The park is located on a high cliff overlooking the sea dominated by the mighty silhouette of the island of Nisida. This island is home to a juvenile prison and is attached to the coast with a strip of land.

Virgiliano Park is ideal for walking or jogging and has a sports complex inside. It is very vast and rich in Mediterranean vegetation.

The plants present are already in a very advanced state of flowering despite the cold. Also because we could enjoy a spring climate until over mid-January. So far will have been 10days of true cold winter.

After writing this post I realized a little of what he meant The German poet Johan Wolfgang van Goethe with his phrase "Siehe Neapel und stirb" that is see Naples and then die.

In fact, they say that tourists after visiting it often suffer from "Napolitudine" that is a sense of nostalgia for having left the enchanting city of the sun and looking at these photos you can only agree and aware of this empathetic statement.

Back home early I celebrate my #iamalivechallenge 268 at sunset outside the balcony happy to have told the tribe of the Hivers another fantastic day #alive in Naples and I give you appointment for the next stop of the tour in the glorious world capital of pizza.

Finally I would like to thank all my friends from the tribe of Alive and all the new friends who happened between the lines of my stories for reading my thoughts and see you at the next actifit report.
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