Chunky Soup Actifit Report Card: September 14 2021

Another day another crypto and bag o tokens.

My blockchain gaming investments are going ok. The potential ROI is pretty good and I'm excited to see where they go.

After a few hours of answering emails for work, I took some time to tidy up the yard and do some gardening. I havent planted much due to the drought. There are some crops this season but limited to those that can be mulched or only need small amounts of water. I do reuse various sources of water from the house but that only goes so far. I'm not struggling so I will be ok.

Other Use and Earn Health Apps

I've been using other apps and dapps as well to along with Actifit. Sweatcoin, Lympo, and Miles. None of them really offer anything top thrilling as a reward unless you earn 20k or so of their points which is a long time. If you're in it for the long haul then itll be worth it. They also offer other rewards, lots of discounts and freebies, usually from the fitness world. Sweatcoin and Miles allows you to donate your tokens or points to charity.

Sign up for Sweatcoin at and start earning free Sweatcoin (5 for signing up) while you earn your Actifit tokens. Double up!!

Triple Up and add Lympo as well. Earn Lympo LYM coins while walking around or exercising. Lympo allows you to connect to third party apps like Samsung Health. This allows you to earn bonus coins on top of your regular earnings and seems to pick up more steps as well. I can connect it to my Samsung watch and I earn coins even when I dont have my phone on me. Sign up and get 50 LYM free.

Want to Quadruple Up?! Sign up for Miles and earn points (miles) for walking, driving, sailing, flying, or running. Trade those points in for prizes, discounts, free trials, raffle tickets, or donate to charity. Download the app now to get 2,000 bonus miles using the invite code EE3MKS.

Check out Midoin as well, its "the first digital coin that can be mined on your mobile." Which I am not sure is true or not, since I have a couple dapps I swear have made that claim. But, it has a market place / exchange with various giveaways, cryptocurrencies, and electronics (iPhones). Collect Midoin by tapping or setting it to auto-mine. If you're bored or wanna tap while youre watching TV or something, it mines much quicker. Not the funnest way to distribute coins but not horrible.
Use this link to download the free app and you will get 5x boost on you earnings when you use my username "chunkysoup" as your invitation code!
Join now and see why everybody is talking about Midoin lately.
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