My Actifit Report Card: September 24 2021

Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a great day ahead..

This is my today's activity that is over 10k steps. Today I am publishing my post little bit late rather than other days.. It was a working day. Whole day I was busy. At evening I was near by market to buy vegetables and fruits.
Before it today I get up early in the morning 4:50 AM. Reached upper part of the house. It is a pleasant and solitary place where I can spend few time peacefully with exercise and meditation. From first September my routine has been changed so I have to do it.

Now this is beautiful garden with green trees and grass. In fact it is crops field but due to plenty of crops field mostly farmer like to plant trees that is sold out worth 5000 INR per tree.

Due to heavy rainfall there is water in the garden. Such garden always ve proof a better option for the farmers for earning money rather than showing crops. This time here is rainfall going on a regular interval.
Hope you are also enjoying your day and time.
Have a nice weekend..

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