December 1 2022 - Discharged from hospital

I fell ill last weekend and ended up going to the accident and emergency department at our local hospital. I was admitted and stayed in with what is apparently a rare condition where the immune system decides to self-desruct and attack the nerve cells.

I have suffered a partial loss in sight, touch and movement.

I have luckily had an improvement in condition in the last few days and as such, been discharged from hospital.

Earlier in the week I was struggling to walk across the room but today I was able to walk up and down the corridor in the hospital ward and then to the car park where my wife parked so we could get home. It is still difficult walking and with my eye sight not good either, it makes it really difficult.

So my usual high step count reports are going to be slow going for a while as hopefully I rehabilitate to walking and moving properly again. For now, my Actifit reports will give daily progress reports on my rehabilitation now I am home.

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