October 16 2021 - Time to get fit

I love Saturdays when I don't have loads of chores to do but have some time for myself too. Today was that type of day and I was determined to work on my fitness.

After some early morning chores, like vacuuming the house and getting my drill out for some DIY in my daughters room, I walked to the High Street. I took the long route so that I could get some fresh air. Probably walking for nearly 1 hour in the end.

I found this lovely bird in one of the gardens I passed not far from the pond.

After that, it was time for the gym. I did 25 min on the rowing machine followed by 45 min of free weights.

In the late afternoon I had to go and do the weekly shop and my muscles were feeling tired after my workout.

In the evening, my son said he was restless and wanted to go for a walk. Who am I not to oblige? So another 40 mins walking.

Overall a good day for exercise and hopefully a win.

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