Walking And Working My Actifit Report Card: December 2 2021

Nights are long, days are short, cold wind blows and yes this is winter season. I like winter season the most. Today the minimum temperature remains at 1 degree centigrade which is cold enough but still we are not in extreme cold the temperature in Januaray and February touches -10 degree which is the coldest peak in Quetta.

I wake up early in the morning and did my breakfast. After I get ready for the job, on the way towards bank I saw labours sitting across the road looking for the people to put them for some work to earn their daily wages. I really got sad and thanks to God our work is better than these labours.

Our bank timing is from 9am to 5pm evening which is lenghty. These days salaries are disbursed and we have very huge crowd of customers coming to banks to take their salaries. We all day busy in cash handlings and other bank work activities.

After finishing work from bank its time to go home to take some rest and get relaxation by taking tea and coffee. Unfortunately, I dont get time for the walk and other fitness activity. But yes, I keep walking while going to bank and back to home and other small activities make about 5000 steps.

The overall activity of the day is I walked to the bank and moving alot in bank branch for the office works and back to home. All these activities push my steps towards 5000.

Today, I walk more then 5000 steps which is good enough to maintain physical fitness. I specially thanks to the @actifit community thats makes me remember for the daily physical fitness and also helps in upvotes.

Thank you all!
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83 kg
Body Fat
34 cm

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