Rustic Walking in Witheren

We made a snap decision to have a weekend rural experience and since we are in the child free, work free retirement life stage, we quickly packed and happily drove 200 kms from our beach scene on the Sunshine Coast to Canungra west of the Gold Coast. It is one of many small towns in beautiful green Witheren, a country locality in the Scenic Rim, a suburb of approximately 59 square kilometres that makes this area highly attractive for walkers and hikers.

We enjoyed many pleasant walks, but the one I am sharing in this post took place late Sunday afternoon. It is too magnificent not to share! Wherever we strolled in the countryside, magical greenness was everywhere, like these wonderful reflections of the trees that were a hundred shades of green emerald in and out of the water.

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I really loved the way the little bits of nature as well as the bigger scenes, like this creative arrangement of a tree's branches, There was so much atmosphere, so much detail.

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Fabulous little boulders sat on the side of the creek where for a second I imagined little nymphs sitting dangling their legs in the water.

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The atmosphere of the trees, water and reflections disappeared from view suddenly as we walked up the road and up the hill. Jack the Border Collie led the way with his nose to the ground, he comes walking every afternoon.

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As we rounded the corner we were greeted by a wonderful open space bordered by trees and hills enhanced just right with a glow of light golden sunset colours in the sky. A picture perfect postcard scene.

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On our way back along the path I couldn't go passed this sight, a weeping willow and a evergreen tree and reflections in a waterhole. Despite the healthy greenness of this area, the country was a little dry and there had not been a lot of winter rain falling.

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The light was disappearing quickly as we walked back over the road 'bridge.' It is a shame that in Queensland the dark of night comes as early as it does Sunset is currently happening at 5:39am according to the Weather App on my iPhone.

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And as we walked back into the clearing at the top of the little incline there was one last gorgeous photo of the creek that that I captured on my iPhone. It all looked so different to the daylight greenness of the earlier photos.

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And so our last walk along nature's prettiness of Canungra in the Witheren suburb ended. We arrived back to my daughter's home in complete darkness, feeling complete to enjoy a glass of wine over a delicious curry chicken cooked in a cast iron pot over the campfire.

Until next time!


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