My Actifit Report Card: November 13 2020



Friday the 13th.

Luckily I'm not superstitious so nothing untfortunate happened to me at all. It was a normal Friday and the weather was fine, even sunny at times.

If you've been following my actifitivity for a while, you'll already know what that means, a walk into the forest to find some fungi.



But first, because some of you have been asking about Lenny's wellbeing, he still looks awfully worried, I didn't bring him a new mask and he still didn't get a hug from me.



He's a good bit taller than me and I'd be rubbing against his exposed nether region there. Maybe that would be a bit awkward.

And concerning a new mask, I'm still not sure how he lost the one I brought for him before and these masks are already overtaking the ranks of the McDonalds bags and Coke cans on the littering charts... so yeah... no more masks for Lenny. It's a bit ridiculous to wear one in the middle of the forest anyway.



And now it's #fungifriday time! The pretty little one above is the specimen you already saw in today's title image, a pretty generic mushroom, pretty but rather hard to identify due to the lack of any distinct characteristics.

The one below however looks extraordinary enough to give reliable search results...



After a quick round of google-fu I'd be willing to wager it's a xylaria hypoxylon colony. That's a pretty awesome name but you can also just call it a candlestick fungus or carbon antlers, which might be a lot easier to remember.

It's not poisonous but also not considered edible due to its unpleasant texture and taste. It does contain several chemical compounds that have shown anti-tumor effects in vitro, though. But I'm not here to eat them, I just think they look awesomely alien!



But mushrooms don't even have to be so alienesque to look awesome. These perfectly normal, almost generic looking, little forest mushrooms are quite pretty, too.



I didn't bother to try and identify those, but I did make the effort to clean up some of the autumn debris to at least show them in all their glory instead.



Thanks for your time!


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