Actifit Announces 2 New Partnerships. Upcoming Major Functionality. AFIT Price on the Rise. Gadget Prize Draw Round #28 Winner. Round #29 Kicks Off!

Actifit Announces 2 New Partnerships

We have always believed that partnerships are essential to growing a project and reaching a larger audience.
Over the last few weeks, we have been in discussions with several thriving projects in the cryptoworld, and we have agreed to proceed with the partnerships which were officially shared on twitter 2 days ago.


Our new partners are:

  • Coinpedia, a crypto and fintech news media provider
  • Marketsquare (By, a web portal for decentralized web.

Marketsquare made a great review of Actifit. In case you missed it, you can find it in video below

We would like to thank all our existing and new partners, and plan to keep growing actifit and expand our user base further! We do have a lot of goodies piled up, so stay tuned!

Upcoming Major Functionality

In alignment with the promotional work we've been doing for actifit, we have also been coding coding and coding. We have a major functionality coming soon to actifit market, which is a long awaited feature that we believe will be a game changer. No sneak peaks yet, but expect it REAL SOON :D

A small hint about upcoming functionality though, you will need to have a good amount of AFIT stored to use it, so if you haven't stocked up on your AFIT yet, we suggest you do so. Not a Financial Advise of course :)

AFIT Price on the Rise

Recently AFIT price has been seeing a lot of growth on hive-engine, Doing more than 1.5x over the last few days.


Accordingly, the yield farming values have been growing with the AFIT value growth.


While we do not put too much focus on the price action as an indicator of the project and value fundamentals more, yet it is definitely a positive sign.

Actifit Gadget Prize Draw Round #28 Results!

We are excited to announce the results of the "Actifit Gadget Prize Draw" #round 28, which took place on December 6 midnight UTC.


Over 4 days, the prize pool was 11.517 HIVE, and the winner of the draw was @lightsplasher. Congratulations !!


As round #28 of this contest concludes, round #29 already kicked off, and you have less than 4 days to take part and WIN!.

As announced before, the rules of the contest are simple:

  • As you buy gadgets using HIVE, you earn free tickets (1 per gadget) to enter the draw.
  • The more tickets you have, the more likely you are to win.
  • Keep in mind you need to have at least 1,000 AFIT to earn tickets to the draw.

Round #29 Started. Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

AFIT Market Buy Back

Also as announced in the contest rules, we committed to buy back AFIT on the market with 25% of the total amount used to buy gadgets. This amounted to 5.759 HIVE, which we used to place buy orders for AFIT on


Did you stock up on your gadgets yet? Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

Support our witness on Hive, vote for us or set us as proxy on actifit profile, via peakd, or hive blog.

@actifit team

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