Playlist Covers For NFT Batch 1

Here we have the first batch of cover images I created for Tetrahedroseph’s Spotify playlists.


The television frame that is characteristic of other Tetrahedroseph art is abundant here also. The frame makes it easy for me because “Tetrahedroseph” is already appears on the frame. I’ve also combined it with a watermarked background. All I need to do for a watermark is blend an image on top of the watermarked background and it’s good enough.


I’ll give Spotify a little credit for allowing users to customize their playlists. It looks more cohesive... if I knew... if one knows what they are doing. 😂


Below are the images and it’s link to the Spotify playlist. Spotify isn’t free unless you signup. They already know I hate them for it. I still promote the Tetrahedroseph Spotify account because it actually earns Tetrahedroseph some pennies when a member listens to Tetrahedroseph there. I don’t know what is awesome anymore. Time is ticking. Here there are and soon to be on NFT Showroom:


The image above is the first cover image I created. Every seen a guy skate a ramp while operating a backpack vacuum? It’s potentially the best playlist cover image ever created, but it’s hard to read.


Short words are easy to make legible on thumbnail images.


Yikes! Is that TV scary or bizarre? It should be a little. Not too much. Not evil, just weird.


The TV frame will be my bread and butter for electronic music collections. I’m sure if I want it for every cover image, but it’s tempting.


The image above is a combination of #TheBrokenYellowGuitar’s neck plate and my iPhone7. Two items that define Tetrahedroseph’s Mutation Series of reggae album and also the LoFi vibe and music.



That iphone of an iPhone image above is a popular one. I would be a fool not to use that one on some stuff. Here’s the rest and their various progressions. I use PicsArt to make this stuff grow from trees and then I just walk around kick dirt and it all magically appears while my bank account collects an epic interest rate of shit percent. Yum.


Thanks for reading and supporting.

Look forward to the next post featuring a second batch of playlist covers.


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