Death Felt Good For A While

Take a look. Do you see a dead body? It's not mine!

Story Time!

A couple weeks ago, I was almost there, and ah, I wish there was no "Almost"...
Heavy smoker, I am / Painkillers & Sedatives Addict, I am / Dumbass ...Maybe?

Got sick really bad, a killer chest pain, coughs, dizziness, blurry eyesight, can barely move,
My servers went down!!
Should I contact my "Hosting Provider?"... But, do they reply though? :)

What did I do?

Well, I panicked! ...Oh, what time is it? It's pills o'clock!
I went outside straight to the nearest pharmacy,
Got me some painkillers, a weird coughing syrup which had alcohol in it,
And my precious sedatives (Thank God for these little blue pills!)

'Fore I go any further, let me tell you something about these pills and what it does to me,
I'm BLESSED with Panic Disorder, it doesn't only calm me down,
It gives me that "You'll be fine, it's okay now, feel better" calm whispering voice,

Took the blue pills... I'm in Heaven! (Not quite dead yet)
Now the painkillers, swallow one?... Nah, I'm in pain, 8 will do :)
More dizziness, can't focus... But, it's fine as long as the pain is gone,

Let me feel much better with that Syrup... Alcohol, huh? Good.

Good mix though, except that I started to feel weird, hearing voices & shit like that, sleepy but don't want to sleep,
I don't know how to describe what I felt after, but ya know that phrase "A dead man walking?"
Yea, I was at that state except I wasn't walking...
I'm totally aware I'm alive, but there were sirens in my head, feels close to death, wishing it!

...Almost, and I wish there was no "Almost"

Stayed that way for 5 days, no work, not eating enough, no stress... Just death.
Until I woke up on the 6th day with no pain, without the medications.

I wanted to stay... It didn't feel good for a while, it was the absolute best for me!
But here I am, alive and well,
Looks like the "Hosting Provider" replies after all :)


See ya on the other side!

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