Shelly and Gerald

Sometimes happens to see couples of old people that emit energy from all pores.
They are elderly only apparently, in reality the same vital energy of a boy flows inside them.
So they are the old "young".
And the same goes for young people. There are the young "young" and the young "old"
This is the case of Shelly and Gerald, two old "young" who loved to have fun and party at the young "young" parties.
One day they met at a rave party and started dating.
Here they are together at an after-party, smiling and stoned, strictly with sunglasses.


The harmony between the two was incredible and an indescribable love overwhelmed them.
It was at that moment that things began to change.
Gerald was obsessed with the young "young" and was attracted to blondes, then Shelly who had never before been jealous, thought of dyeing his hair to draw all of Gerald's attention to her.

Jealous Blonde Shelly
Gerald's reaction to Shelly's appearance

The feeling of jealousy ruined everything and suddenly they turned into the old "old".
Their lifestyle changed dramatically, no more parties and fun.
The color of their skin also changed. By now they were more dead than alive and mostly pissed off.

Almost dead Shelly
Almost dead Gerald

Until one day they died together in their frustration :(

Dead Shelly
Dead Gerald

Watch these short videos to see their transformation over time!!

I realized all the picture and the videos with Artbreeder
I had a lot of fan on making them!!
Bye Bye, see you next time :)

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