Hello to all the members of the community @hive-193212, it's been a long time since I wanted to make a post like this dealing with these issues and I think this is the right place to post.
My reflection is that there are too many people who want to teach something without knowing anything, they enter a new world, a new job, and they already think they can teach something and teach others what they have learned but have not yet. experienced and what perhaps they have not even learned.
This mechanism has grown in recent years with the advent of digitization and online courses on anything imaginable, which for personal experiences are enormous bullshit, there are incompetent people who do everything to sell courses of knowledge they do not possess.


beware of those people who teach you infallible methods to multiply your money who teach you how it is possible to earn without doing anything, I personally have had the pleasure of experiencing on myself that the only way to learn is to try for yourself, make mistakes and try again and do it until you get the success you wanted, and if you hear the opinion of great entrepreneurs or inventors I am sure they will tell you the same thing.
I had the pleasure of taking a trading course a few years ago GIFT me from a friend who has a company that deals with this, and it erased all the ideas I had previously acquired from other courses, I had to completely refresh my brain and change all the Bases on which I founded my trading.
Think about it for a moment if you create the wrong mechanisms for analyzing a trend in market prices, how can you believe you are getting the right answer?
So much knowledge I had of technical indicators that are difficult to understand and interpret have been completely erased from me, actually if the capitalist investment logic is relatively simple and if the moneyflow is governed by simple things such as volumes, capitalization, supply and demand zones. and of convergence or compression, asset distribution, etc ... what sense does it make to use incompressible indicators to predict something unpredictable and unlikely, is it not easier to understand when and how the trend will be predictable?

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Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, he will spend his entire life believing himself stupid.(Albert Einstein)

Another interesting topic, I bet most of you have found a lot of teachers in school who are incapable and who could not convey the concepts, lazy and maybe even bigots.
The Italian school model believe me makes you laugh, you can easily learn more things in your life that you really need on GOOGLE than at school.
I had a few professors who I thought were luminaries, misunderstood geniuses and who were hardly understood and spurred on by other teachers, indeed they were seen in a negative way, some had even been discarded because the teachers' evaluation system put them lower in the ranking with an old celebroleso who never taught a day in his life. Does the school therefore rely on wrong teacher evaluation systems and pretend to be able to teach pupils ?! the bug inside the bug! a matriosca of errors.
With distance learning I suppose that things have amplified exponentially.
Another mistake is that of wanting to teach pure subject without applications, which makes it something external to the real world and does not allow us to understand the real functioning of what we learn, but perhaps this is also due to the fact that not even those who teach it know the real operation.

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Great minds never stop learning

You will probably know a lot of individuals who have achieved great things in life and if you think about it for a moment they are individuals who tend not to teach, draw a line, a path to follow, talk and exchange concepts, and in turn learn, but do not dispense truth absolute, they leave to those who follow them the experimentation of their own words, they too have lived and learned and know that without experimentation one cannot learn without having created an antithesis and having erred, it is not possible to create a thesis.
Everyone must therefore create their own ideology of thought based on the concepts learned, not parrot what others say, and so also in life, and in work, to create great projects you need to be based on concepts and innovate in your own way!

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Regarding everything I have said previously I want to congratulate Mr. Leonardo Altobelli who is living proof of what I said before and has made learning a real Mantra at 88 years old this individual is the oldest student in the world and a few days ago he received his FOURTEENTH degree.
These are the degrees that appear in his curriculum: Medicine and Surgery obtained in Siena in '69, Law, Political Science, Literature, Philosophy, Archeology, double degree in Pedagogy, Agriculture and Food Science and Technology, Tourism Science, History and Biotechnology.
This man is a living encyclopedia!

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