Discovery-it Art Contest: My Ideal Mask

Discovery-it promotes Art -contest for artists and graphic artists - My ideal mask.

Hi everybody, how are you?!

Do you always use the mask during this period?

Well, in addition to using it, try to draw and color YOUR mask.

Hive's art mask awaits your application.

What to do?


  1. Draw and color a subject that you would see well on a mask.
    You can also use the forms of templates that we suggest (free commons license) here.

  2. You can use any technique, pictorial and digital.

  3. Post at least three photos of the steps of the realization

  4. Accompany your artistic work with a description of the proposed work of art, with the reasons that led you to create the work.

  5. If you have taken inspiration from other photographs, remember to always mention the sources of your work

  6. We can use the winning images for other purposes, including commercial or charity. In which case you will be notified and you will receive an additional prize.

How to apply to the #contest

  • Insert in the title "This is my participation for the @discovery-it contest: My ideal mask"

  • Use the discovery-it community to share your work

  • You can also leave your participation post below this post


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

The contest is open!

There are 15 days.

on May 31st, 2020 we will announce the winners!

Good job everyone!

We will leave you some pictures of masks without copyright, to be able to modify without problems:

Good luck to all!

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