Helping yet another person get onboard D.Buzz


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Let's welcome my new referred member @danicajunio on D.Buzz!

The entire process on guiding her on joining D.Buzz (through HiveOnboard) was done through a voice call. Furthermore, she was using her smartphone the entire time (since she also was not able to access a computer at the time). Since her friends I onboarded a few days ago (@chibiimee and @zannta) told her about D.Buzz, the guiding process was significantly shortened.

However, our conversation was cut short before she was able to make her first buzz on D.Buzz, because we did the conversation late in the night!

So these are what happened...

Listed below are the events that happened, from the time she told me she is also interested in D.Buzz (especially because of the rewards factor) until after she joined (and almost made her first post)!

  1. She talked with her friends @chibiimee and @zannta about D.Buzz. I did not know exactly what information she got from the two, but I assume that most of the information was correct! 😅
  2. She asked me to help her join D.Buzz. That's when I called her. I told her it would be tricky even if she already had some prior knowledge from her friends, especially regarding the keys and password part.
  3. I told her to go to D.Buzz and press the "Register" button. She already saw the trending posts because of her friends, so she did not need to explore again. It's good that guests on D.Buzz are no longer required to signup first before seeing the posts!
  4. I told her to choose a good username. I told her to choose a username that she won't want to change again, because usernames are permanent and cannot be changed.
  5. I told her to backup her keys. I told her to carefully download and backup the private keys of her account. I told her that she should write on paper either the owner key or master password, since either of those can be used to recover the account if the keys saved on the phone are lost. Finally, I told her to confirm registration.
  6. She asked me if there are more user-friendly apps to access D.Buzz. First, she asked me if there is an Android app for D.Buzz, and I said not yet. I told her instead that there are other apps (like #Dapplr and #Ecency) which can also be used to access D.Buzz.
  7. I told her to make her first post!. That was when we realized how late in the night it was, so she said she would do it the next day. 😅

The entire process took almost 45 minutes! It is because I did not need to explain what Hive is because her friends explained it to her to the best of their ability.

50% of the reward on this post will be given to @danicajunio!

Please show your support to @danicajunio when she makes her (first) post!

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