Another person onboarded on Hive through D.Buzz! 😀


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I helped onboard another person named @jamesph. The entire onboarding process was done through voice call. The onboarding process was unconventional though, since I and @jamesph both know that he would have great difficulty managing keys, so I created an account for him and held his private keys upon his request.

So these are what happened...

Listed below are the events that happened, from the time he asked me if there is way he could earn by himself, up to the time that he made his first post! 😀

  1. I told him about D.Buzz. I told him that it works mostly like a social networking site (much like Twitter, though he has never used Twitter) where you just make cool, original short posts, and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. I also said that that he should look at other posts and how they made those posts. I reminded him not to post anything he would not want to be seen forever, as the blockchain is immutable.
  2. He asked to join D.Buzz. I gave him the options on how he could create his own account. I told him that he could either provide his phone number, his email address, or just pay more or less $2. Since he is unwilling to provide his phone number (for which he literally told me that he does not want prank callers, which is very unlikely to happen on Hive but still possible), finds it difficult to remember email accounts, and is unable to pay for registration, I created an email address for him using one of my domain names and dedicated it for the Hive account I will register for him.
  3. I created an account for him using #Ecency. I supplied the email address I dedicated for him on the Ecency website. The Ecency server sent the master password of the @jamesph account to that email address, which I supplied to #PeakD to reveal the other 4 private keys. I then supplied the posting key to @jamesph. 👍
  4. I instructed him to login to D.Buzz. Using his account username and posting key, he logged in to D.Buzz. As I expected, he asked why the "password" is that long. I told him that due to the public nature of the blockchain, the "password" (private key) must be long, or his account can be hacked. 🕵️‍♂️
  5. I told him to publish a good post. I kept it simple for him by remembering that the post should be "cool", "original", and "not too short". Specifically, I told him to publish posts ("buzzes") that have nice pictures personally taken by his phone camera and have a caption with at least 1 complete sentence. Check out his first ever post on Hive through D.Buzz! 🙂

Since I created an account for @jamesph, he did not go through registering his own account and backing up his private keys that my first two referrals @zannta and @chibiimee went through as mentioned on this post. Therefore, he was able to make his post a bit sooner.

As mentioned above, I have a copy of his private keys, and I do not see why I should tell him the active key (and owner key, memo key, and master password) immediately for fear of confusing him further. Both of us know that the risk of him losing his private keys is high, since there is a good chance he could lose his computer, smartphone, or any paper where he would write down his master password. Unlike @zannta and @chibiimee, he has almost no experience in computer/phone maintenance. I would like to make it clear that he owns the account and only he will post using that account, only that I have the same access to his account as himself because of his request to have his account managed by me.

These are what he wants me to do...

  • Exchange his earned HIVE/HBD by sending them to my Hive account @savvyplayer, after which I will send him an equivalent amount of fiat money through his preferred payment method. I can do this myself since I have a copy of his private keys. 👍


  • Teach him how to withdraw his earnings himself without my intervention, by using #BlockTrades and Both of us know that it will take him time to understand the process well, so we would stick with the first option for some time. 🤯😅

These are what I plan to teach him next...

  1. See his upcoming post rewards at /@jamesph/payout. A more reliable way to estimate the total pending payouts is to (use a calculator and) get the sum of the pending payout amounts of each post located at the bottom-right corner of each one, then multiply the sum by 24 (which is 48 divided by 2 which is the portion of rewards for the author) to get the Philippine peso equivalent. 🧐
  2. See his already withdrawable (or transferrable) HIVE/HBD tokens at /@jamesph/wallet. I would advise him not to power down all Hive Power to avoid depending on others' HP delegations in the future. 🤑
  3. Directly exchange HIVE to BCH (after converting HBD to HIVE) by using BlockTrades. This should be after he gets a verified e-wallet account that supports BCH ( in the Philippines). 💰
  4. Use to receive 99% of author rewards immediately at post payout, instead of waiting for the 50% to power down after 13 weeks. This will require him to use Hive frontends other than D.Buzz though, which is good but should not be taught too soon. 🤔

Here are some facts about about @jamesph...

@jamesph is a typical high school student. He frequently asks me if there is anything he can do to get a source of income (legal, of course). He belongs to the category of people where every $1 is very important, as its equivalent of about ₱48 (this time of writing) can already pay for a good lunch meal (or 1.5 kilograms of uncooked rice) or 3 days of mobile data allocation for his online education. He aims to be able to help his parents financially by not totally depending on their income for his food and schooling expenses, since both parents need to work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week (except regular holidays). 🤗

@chrisrice might find this short story interesting. 🤔

50% of the author reward for this post is assigned to @jamesph!

Please show your support to @jamesph every time he posts (and comments) on D.Buzz (and Hive in general)! 🙂

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