Discussion with Frank & Hans from the Polis Team Olympus Protocol

In this video, I discuss everything POLIS with Frank Servedio and Hans Looman, Polis Team Members. Please consider donating to the channel https://cointr.ee/sylvaincloutier

0:00 Intro
3:05 What is Olympus?
5:02 What are the major changes?
07:50 Will the Masternodes rewards change with the new validators?
9:25 Will Trezor support the new protocol?
10:30 Transition between Masternodes & Olympus (Validators)
11:25 Testnet launch
11:50 50 Merchants awaiting to kickstart
15:10 Any Canadian Merchants accepting Polis?
16:50 About the the POS devices?!
18:51 When will Olympus be ready?
19:55 What about TACOS?
23:30 Polis Liquidity & Ethereum
25:10 Where to find information about Polis?
26:35 Final words to the community

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Discussion with Frank & Hans from the Polis Team | Olympus Protocol

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