Many believe that TIME is money and everything is money. Well, I didn't prove that wrong or right, but I didn't get carried away by "money is everything." The TIME that you have on your own is a major Advantage, without it how do you get a possibility?

So you see; money is just a weapon, luck is almost everything! Therefore you must also always be mentally, professionally, morally and psychologically equipped.

Timing, prospects and money relationship.
Time gives advantages and capturing opportunities opens doors to more economical, spiritual, emotional, social , and educational benefits.

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I've been thinking within myself; how, if not all, do you believe in hard work? But we also have the largest number of the poor in our country. Trust me, there's a lot of people who work really hard.

working hard really doesn't solve riches, income, life or whatever you want to call it, OPPOTUNITIES does.

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