A Tool to Help You Tame and Track Comments and Replies on Hive ~ The Tool of Tools!

This is going to be a shorter post than I've been doing for the past few days. But I hope it will be even more useful in a very practical way.

I want to introduce you all to what is rapidly becoming more of my favorite tools on Hive! This is brought to us by @arcange who developed it and is maintaining it.

The Sales Pitch

Do you often miss replies to your posts? When when you see mentions, do you often forget to leave a comment telling them "thanks"? Do you simply have no idea when someone replies to one of your comments?

If any of these are true, this may be for you!

Ok, enough with that. I'm not much for a hardline sales talk. Unless we are talking about a good blender...

Or maybe something from Troy McClure.

More seriously, let's look at the problem.

The Problem

The problem on Hive is we are all often overwhelmed. I know I am anyway. We try to keep up with posts, comments, mentions, replies to our comments, but it's tough to track these things, especially when you start getting more than a handful. Posts get buried quickly if we are following more than a handful of people and the others are hard to even find sometimes, but we can usually manage to work through the list we follow.

With comments though... When we do leave comments, tracking the replies to these comments proves almost too tough to manage. The notification system of Peakd is improving a lot and the notification system at Ecency is excellent, but when with those it is easy to see and then promptly forget. Even the comments on our own posts are quickly forgotten if we aren't careful, so we don't get around to replying to them.

I've always had this issue. I can usually manage replying to all comments on my posts (usually), but I write a lot of comments on other posts and I quickly lose track of all the replies to these. I want to reply to them to continue the conversation or at least upvote their most recent reply to let them know I saw it, but I often get overwhelmed and lose track or just simply forget.

Maybe you are similar.

A few weeks ago while I was reading the replies to a Hive Power-Up Day post, I saw that @traciyork had some strange red text below her comment. I was curious so I clicked on it and was brought to this page. I explored and quickly was amazed.

This site is a game changer!


Here's my dashboard this morning when I log in to take a photo for this post.

You can see, it tracks and displays all comments to you. These can then be replied to and voted on or just voted on. You can easily set the voting level too. This makes replying to everything so easy!

Not only replies, but you see you can also display all mentions, so you can easily give a thanks and/or an upvote to those posts as well.

You can also display your entire feed here if you want or any communities you are a member of.

Finally, there is a graphic displaying your mana level, which you might mind so you don't fall too low.

Well, that's just an overview. If you want more, they have an excellent and very detailed userguide here → User Guide.

Seriously guys, this tool is really great. I've been using it everyday for the past week or so and for the first time in my 5 1/2 years on Hive I have been easily keeping up with all comments and replies. I can't recommend this tool enough!

Again: Go here to use it.

Let's everyone thank @arcange for such an amazing tool!

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