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I guess I should start calling it #SpreadTheVibe Sunday. On the day of rest, I love to take some time out to spread the vibe I got from a post during the course of the week.

What shook me most this week was being called a boomer, in kinder phrasing and archaic, both in reference to my choice of songs in the Tune Tune Train riddle and possibly the caveman reference.

Yes, I know that my taste in music is eclectic and reaches from a time when even I was not born till unknown legends of today such as Ren (who featured in last week's STV).

I will wear those names with honor, because I do take pride in the fact that after being into music for so long I am not stuck in my little corner of the musical universe but still exploring, just like Picard.

What I do wonder is how many Hivians will think of music when they see this:

Screenshot 2023-02-11 102055.jpg

That Flock of Seagulls post by @curatorcat.pal brought back musical memories.

A Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song

Damn that hair, I did not remember that at all, still, the song itself has stood the test of time in my book.

But I have to admit that things change, they evolve or get extinct like that hair.

A Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song (With the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra)

Seagulls evolved into stealing bastards

Those seagulls also evolved if you ask me.

Growing up near the sea we visited the beach frequently. Nowadays the news told me that people growing up near the beach have a higher risk of skin cancer, but when I grew up the ozone layer was still there to protect us (or so I hope to believe), that is how archaic I am.

I remember how humans would flock to the beach and take control of its sand on those sunny days. Then when the sun would set on the sea only loving couples would remain, all others would leave as it was dinner time in those Dutch homes.

As soon as people left the beach and the boardwalk on those dunes cleared the seagulls would turn up. Looking for whatever was left there, a bit of fish, leftover sandwiches, and maybe a plate of fries that was dropped in the sand.

Recently I returned to that same beach, the area has been flooded with food trucks and beach bars....and one more thing, huge Seagulls.

I don´t remember them being gigantic like that. I also don´t remember them showing up prior to humans leaving.

This is no joke, I have witnessed the same thing....a crazy bird dropping from the sky and stealing meat from my BBQ. A BBQ on fire does not stop the beast from grabbing whatever they like from the red-hot roster.

As I said things evolve or disappear, Seagulls have evolved thanks to humans providing them with an easy means of finding food.
And Flock of Seagulls evolved from man with hair, to man without hair that add layers of age to their performance.

When I am Old and Wise

May I end up as them, adding layers of knowledge to the music I share?
Boldly Going where most of us do not go because they simply think they lack time or knowledge. Let me be the ancient bridge connecting those undiscovered shores, that otherwise only Seagulls could have crossed.

What is Spread The Vibes

If you want to know more about the #STV challenge not a challenge then here is the launch post: please clikerdeeclick me and find out more by the hand of its creator @edje .

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