Solve The Riddle & Win a $1 Up-vote [#TTT Week 38] - "Old but Awesome Fellows"

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The Tune Tune Train keeps rolling:

The Tune Tune Train is a challenge I came up with based on the Three Tunes Tuesday format. It´s a TTT with a riddle!

How does it work?

I will give you three great songs and you can win a $1 Ecency boost if you tell me what connects the songs.
A connection can be: they are all about flowers, they have the same drummer, they all sing about Pink Mushrooms, or they are all kids from famous parents. Just to give an idea of what a connection might be.

It´s up to you Dear Reader to figure out what connects the Tune Tune Train. The first one who drops the solution in the comments gets a $1 boost on their next post!
Or you can just wait till I solve the riddle in next week's post.

And these were last week's songs:

P. Paul Fenech - Jezebel
Yusufina X - Whore of Babylon
Damien Quinn - The Woman Clothed with the Sun

Last Week's Clue Was:

  • No, I am not revealing anything more

We Have A Winner

I wasn´t sure if it was too hard or too easy but in the end, it was just right. @ablaze had a revelation and proved he might still remember some of those Sunday School Lessons as he noticed all these ladies came from The Book of Revelations.

The set was an awesome Promo for my Sunday Roast Post:

My Book of Revelations Soundtrack - Part 1 - The Ladies of Revelation

Oh, and I just had a revelation myself, and noticed you did not get the boost so it is coming!

Okay, let´s do it again!
Your chance to get a $1 upvote on your next post!

Here we go again!

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All Aboard!

The Tune Tune Train is Taking Off!
Are You Ready To Riddle?

It's hard to top that set from last week so I am gonna do a very different set. Taking you all years back to a time when music was still art and not just PR.

Probably I am making it too easy today, but come on this howlin wolf guy is awesome, old but awesome.

Howlin Wolf - Evil

Old but awesome that would have been a better title but I for no reason wanted to refer to GoodFellas as well. But I wonder why music like this still speaks to me.

Robert Johnson - Hell Hound on My Trail

Let me end this set with an absolute legend, just that crazy intro. Followed by that signature voice, I guess I have outdone myself once again....

Although some might not agree, but well no need to argue about taste.

Tom Waits - Way Down In The Hole

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Here, Have A Clue

A Match In The Eternal Darkness

If you still have no clue, and nobody else does there will be another hint this Friday.

Let me know in the comments if you figure out what connects these three songs. If you need another hint, check out my Midnight Gems Session this Friday!

Because the First to get it right, gets a nice $1 Ecency Boost!

The connection and winner will be featured in next week's #TTT

Previous Tune Tune Train Rides:

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