Midnight Gems Special - This World Was His Church, he was here to heal our Hurts

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Now I have always wanted to be a DJ, or at least since I was 12 years old and we started our first drive-in disco and I was allowed to play the music at my parent's parties.

Then I heard this:

And not much later I saw this happening right in front of me.

Faithless - Insomnia (Pinkpop1998)

This guy was not just a DJ, this was an act this was a stage show like the Prodigy.

And then:

I read the news today, oh, boy. About a lucky man who made the grave. And though the news was rather sad, I could not stop thinking F not another one.

My heroes are dropping like flies, guess that is life trying to tell me something....

But I really went like F, not Maxi Jazz I just did not see that one coming.
He was here to do work:

I have been waiting and I am still waiting for it to sink in.

Faithless - One Step Too Far

Faithless was not just Maxi although it felt like it sometimes ......it was also the piano, well synth and you know I love those black & white keys.

Sister Bliss - Deliver Me [2000]

Those synths are so sick, but this is much bigger than most dance acts at festivals. Now there are people that can explain why their music was so groundbreaking, so I will stick to my personal story.

For me, these guys inspired me to stay alternative but allow those beats. To play dance and alternative rock in a set. I played the alternative scene and there were many people that did not want any electronic music, guitar was king.

The Grunge and Alternative Rock audiences got disgusted by anything with a beat, until Faithless made room for acts like Junkie XL, Underworld, and the Chemical Brothers.

And if you don´t think I am making sense just watch this:

Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra play Insomnia by Faithless

But they could turn something so big into something so small.

Faithless - In The End (live)

And this cover shows that Faithless´s music was powerful, even in the smallest settings.

Mass Destruction(Faithless)

Unfortunately Maxi had to take that long way home to heaven.

Faithless - Take The Long Way Home

He turned me into a DJ, and any place I played was my church. This world was his church, he was here to heal our hurts.

There is one more little thingy, if I would start this song from this point you knew I was having a great night, this for me is Faithless at his best.

When We Become 1 the crowed, Faithless, and me.

That was all, guess now all that is left to do is enjoy the pics, vids, and songs he left.

Maxwell Fraser 14 June 1957 - 23 December 2022

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