Musical Night Adventures: A Journey to Remember!

Just like I said, music is therapeutic and gives excitement to the soul. It was a great time yesterday at the music concert and crusade we were invited to. We went out en masse with the other choristers, and this time, it was far away from home. We got his invite for the past few weeks, and initially we were thinking of not going because it was close to the week we would be doing our exams.

During this time, we were planning a lot of things, and we remembered that we are students and do not have the money to pay for transporting ourselves that far. We decided that we were going to meet with the organizers, but we won't be coming, but all our hopes went high again after our discussion with them, and they agreed to take care of the whole finance for the transportation.

When we heard this, we had rehearsed so hard for this event because we did not want to fumble over there, and considering the fact that they are paying for our transport, I feel they will expect more from us. I had to do some personal rehearsal for this event.

After the classes of yesterday, the bus was waiting for us to convey us to the venue of the event. We left the parking spot by 6.15 pm, and we were having fun while we were going on the journey. I saw a lot of new places, since it's been a while since I traveled. We also played music while we were going on the journey so that the atmosphere wouldn't be so boring and dry.

We had a bit of a difficult time on the way, coupled with the huge traffic we met on the road due to the weekend, which it is. Movement was so huge on the road, but we managed by going through some bypass roads to get to the venue of the event on time. Even after going out, we still got to the event late, around 11 p.m.

When we got there, we were warmly welcomed, and we were served food to eat and relax before the ministry started. The meal was actually delicious because I really enjoyed it. After the meal, we went into the program, which started with a dance hall section where everyone danced out their sorrow. I was so elated yesterday that I joined my friends to dance, and some of my friends were very surprised to see me dance so seriously.

After a lot of people performed, it got to our turn, which people were expecting because it was announced that we could come from a far place, and we were very filled, so much was expected of us. We started our ministry on a lighter note, and we ensured that everyone was going along with us and that we were not leaving anyone out. Music brings most people together and unites them to make sure they have fun, whether they have the same goals or not.

We ministered and sang different songs till we were tired, and before we left the stage, we worked with the next song minister, who said he enjoyed the way we sang in different voices of unionism. We did not hesitate, and we took the offer to work with him on the stage to create lovely danceable music for everyone. The program finished past 6 a.m., but we departed after 5 a.m. because some of us are still going for tutorial classes and some are still going to school for classes for those in the fourth year who are doing their final year practice.

After all the long nights, we all came back tired, and some slept while we were in the bus. At some point, I looked back in the bus and saw that most of the people were asleep, and it was just the driver and two other people that were still awake. I smiled and had to take a nap because I knew it was going to be a long journey back home.

When I finally got home, I was not feeling sleepy again because there was no power supply, and it was going too hard for me to sleep. At some point, I noticed some parts of my eyes were heavy, and I had to force myself to sleep. Luck was on my side, there was a power supply, and I was finally able to sleep till after 2 p.m. until 8 a.m., when I got home. It was indeed a night, and a fun one at that. I hope you enjoyed the ride, and thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend ahead.

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