Fairytale by Ludovico Einaudi With Speed Drawing Video

I know, I know, vacations are on, officially I should just do nothing and rest. But ... I just can't resist playing the piano and bothering my niece playing it together, or listening to music, hanging out in the city in the evenings, putting together a 3,000-piece puzzle, or drawing. More precisely, she draws and I support her.

I’ve never been pretty good at drawing. I know it's a matter of practice too, but you need the talent to see the idea in your head and put it down on paper. So, my niece can draw very well and has already had some exhibited works, but since she went to university, there is not so much time for this wonderful activity. She is now learning countless types of music history, yes, she chose music for her career. And she's very good at it, she rocks in all the subjects.


This afternoon, I suggested making together a mini-project. As I recorded the audio of a piano piece still back in Spain I asked her to draw upon the music. I wanted to make a speed drawing video. The music I recorded is a sweet (maybe too sweet for my taste, but we should not discuss tastes) piece, composed by Ludovico Einaudi. Fairytale.

This drawing-music mini project will not be a typical fairytale. Actually, not a lot of story at all, sorry admin @edje, but it will come to this community :) . The drawing represents a fairy, but not a pink or fluffy, happy version of it. No sparks, no magic. It will be a black fairy with long black hair, standing among some clouds in a monochrome dream, that came out from the imagination of my niece. We recorded the video and put together with the music I mentioned, and voila. Ok, the video is not perfect, she accidentally moved the paper and later we didn't realize it was a bit crooked. But I love her way of drawing! And her speed :D The video is sped up 10 times, so the process of drawing was that ten times longer then the length of the video. In the meanwhile, I was there, giving her my feedback, but anyway she made it so well that it was absolutely unnecessary to say anything.

The end of this fairytale (one summer afternoon's activities of mipiano and her niece :)

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