Due to high demand: the Endless Challenge

Who could've predicted The Memorable Music Event challenge was gonna be such a big hit on HIVE. I'm blown away! Therefore it was a very easy decision to prolong this challenge.

As custom to many of the challenges we have in our community, we needed to determine a (new) end date. But we at Qsounds are different. We don't like to go with the flow. Even when following the flow is so much easier in life and also here in our HIVE community, we've decided to go for an...


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We are excepting; We will be reading; We will be reviewing; And we will be giving our votes to the nice, interesting, cool stories you have. We especially like all those personal stories that has something to do with music. I was listening to one of the latest tracks by our community member @vachemorte (track:click me) while writing this post. Tick in the box. The story is about music! hahaha ok ok it's a challenge post and they don't have to follow the rules of Qsounds community... or?


Use the time you are given by life and humour all of us with some of your best, interesting, funny, out-of-the-ordinary stories.

Not so many rules to this challenge; You can find them in the initial challenge post (click me). For those who like to take the easy road... No No, not your contributions... But for those who don't like to browse away from this post just yet, below the rules... note: some rules changed, for the better, so maybe you better go by the rules here below :)

  • original story
  • minimum 500 words
  • add at least one photograph (when not your own: source recognition is required)
  • you may add your own title at the end
  • post must by published in the Qsounds community
  • add #qsounds as one of your first four tags
  • drop the link to your post as a comment to this post

Need Inspiration?

Go through the list below and you may get inspired! It all boils down to a very simple element: Your own memory. Take a drink; Have a seat; Let your mind run through your past; Halt at any given moment when you recollect music and write about that memory... Thinking of it: When you practise my example here, you may even write about the road before you've reached the memory that gave you the material for an entry to this challenge. Especially when all the other memories you've passed contains juicy fragments... Also those we value a lot... Oops, we LOVE a lot! :)

  • a great festival experience you've had
  • a cool concert you've been to
  • an entertaining home party you've been part of
  • what made this experience memorable for you
  • what did impress you
  • what made you decide to go to this event
  • did something unexpected happen
  • what made the event fun for you
  • did you meet people who became more than just a friend for the moment
  • anything about the music played
  • anything about the decorations, location and such
  • where did the event took place

And please don't leave out anything Funny! We LOVE Funny! We also LOVE interesting, and unusual, and just your experiences, thoughts and even we LOVE your opinions.

Rewards: Somehow they belong to a challenge. And yes, we thought of that as well. This time we go along with the flow. Kinda. But we wouldn't be Qsounds if we wouldn't divert from the flow a little. No direct HIVE is available, but we'll send some vote trains your direction when your contribution is valued by us. Check for more information the original challenge post (click me).

Us/Judge: now you may like to know; who is us. Well: We can't deny the enormous team behind us; An enormous team still in our thoughts, our minds; The team to be. For now the team consists of @edje - Yea, Thats Me! :)

Looking forward to Your Entries!

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