A Flower Garden of a Different World -- Fractal Art and Music

So in my other life, I am a fractal artist, working away in Apophysis 2.09, and one of the themes I enjoy a great deal are flowers, albeit that the world of fractal art tends to make alien flowers, since the exact math of the flowers we see every day will not usually come out under the hand ... usually ... sometimes I can get really, really close ... here's a daffodil for you...

fractal daffodil final.png

However, once I learned how to accept the beauty of what Apophysis 2.09 usually offers me, I began to enjoy the blossoms blooming on my proverbial math canvas for what they were, and over the past year, I found myself with a garden's worth of them.

I enjoy walking around in the different gardens in Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco, and I noticed that the Strybing Arboretum has them organized thematically. Although I did not say this explicitly in this particular art piece, I have arranged this alien flower garden to reflect different regions of the garden, cold and warm...

Meanwhile, I looked through my recordings of my own piano improvisations and found the perfect selection: "Windmill Sunset," which gently rolls this tour through the garden along ... I improvised that because of a friend's photograph of windmills against a sunset sky, imagining the motion of the windmills and the sun glinting in all the colors of sunset against the blades ... and if you watch this video, there is a tour from daylight to twilight, as a nod to that first journey that created this piece of music!

Enjoy -- and if you would like an NFT copy of your very own, I have presented this as part of the #mintyourartout initiative on NFT Showroom!

fractal flower garden screenshot.png


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