Sunset on Phuket Beach - Edition 32 SunThursday.

It has been quite a sad situation for almost the past 2 years with this pandemic with all sorts of restrictions and lengthy lockdowns taking away our freedom but as the world begins to open up, with still many cautions in place not really allowing us the full freedom of traveling or dinning in certain restaurants without fully been vaccinated meaning honestly that full freedom has not been allowed to those that are against the vaccinations and to that, I don't have a answer, it's a matter of waiting, it out to see how the unvaccinated are going to get around this, good news though last week Thailand announced it's opening it's boarders to over 40 countries from November 1st only to those that have been fully vaccinated and no 14 day quarantine only PCR test on arrival. On the hand good news for Thai residence also, curfews have been lifted and Thai people are allowed to cross provincial borders with the Thai people now able to move around more freely around Thailand, it seems more lively out there like Thailand came back alive over night and been a four day long weekend the beaches were there for everyone's enjoyment.

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.






Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand is the most popular beach on this island not only for the Thai locals and Thai's on vacation from other provinces but for foreigners holidaying from overseas getting away from there cold winters and convenient for all because of beachfront accommodation, the many restaurants catering for every nationality and for the Thai people every possible street food vendor with all there favorite foods right at there your doorstep.






Another reason why Patong Beach, is very popular, it's a beach that has the most activities for the kids and adults while the kids can enjoy there fun on the Banana boats the adults can hire out a JetSki or take a parachute ride flying high up in the air been towed along by a speedboat while enjoying the 360 degrees panoramic views and when better to do this, is when the sunset is in it's full colors of glory the views from up there would be sensational must try that myself when, I buy myself a waterproof camera the photos would be stunning.






Even if you stay one street back from Patong Beach, not only do you still get to see a stunning sunset over Patong Town, your accommodation is much cheaper, less traffic noise, you can eat many varieties of local Thai cuisine's with many local Thai restaurants along this street all at a bargain price and your only a 10 minute walk to Patong Beach.





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