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Sunsets in the Tropics.

We have our off days cloudy and rainy but at the end of the day we can still count on the sun to come and put a shine on our day no matter what in some countries this beautiful ball of sunshine is seen less then we would like to and then in other countries like the tropical countries you would see, it more often then less and they are the counties that I would be loving to live in like when I was holidaying in Thailand for a whole month we saw nothing but beautiful colorful sunrises and sunsets, we were been spoiled every single day and I had no complaints for mother nature this was just glorious to be living in tropical conditions day in day out and the one thing that was playing on my mind was how the hell can I leave this beauty behind but then reality kicks in and you say to yourself just enjoy the time and be grateful for it, so here in this post I am going to present to you some more of them glorious sunrises and sunsets we enjoyed on that beautiful tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand, so go ahead and enjoy them and hope they give you good vibes.







#sunthursday edition 44 by @uwelang

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