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Splinterlands is a strategic card game. You can win a battle if you choose you line-up correctly regardless of your cards level. Sometimes you can win your opponents with the higher card deck.
So choosing correct cards is the most important thing in splinterlands game.

There are some battle rules that bring a lots of trouble to you. I will take Noxious Fumes as an example. It is a lot of troublesome rule. It is worse than poison because All monsters started the battle poisoned.

An advice from

Higher HP and cleanse are the best choice. However there may be some cases where you go for a big offensive attack and wipe out your opponent before the poison becomes a factor.

So In your team you should have one or more monster with Healing ability and Cleanse ability. But you can also consider the Immunity ability.

This monster is immune to negative status effects.

So the monsters with the Immunity ability are immueto Noxious Fumes(poison).

Another troublesome rule is earthquake and you need to choose the flying monsters.

How can you find the monsters with the ability you needed?

Will you find cards by cards?

Life will be more easier than you think if you do it correctly.

First and foremost I would like to talk about Just go to the and type immunity in the filter field. You will see more cards in the grid view.

Uploading image.png #95

Grid View

These cards has the Immunity ability. But you still need to know this monsters got Immunity ability at which level because you may not have maxed level summoners. If you do have it you don't need to worry about it. But if you don't have it you need to continue reading this post. Change the view to list view and you will see the like the following image.

List View.

Dragon Spirit have the ability at Level 3. My summoners are at silver league level so I need to choose the cards within Common Level 5, Rare Level 4, Epic Level 3 and Legendary Level 5. So Dragon Spirit is well suited for me. Harklaw is also suited for me but I can not buy it yet.

But you still have another better choice. It is Thanks to @tehox for your project. Just go to

This tab is for Immmunity ability.


I hope you will notice the number(3) below the name of Caladuum. This is the level that Caladuum will get Immunity ability. I think it is much easier to find the level required to get the certain ability for the specific card.


Quora Towershead is not in the list of because it is not in the market. Gladiator cards are not transable and sellable. But it is still a card with Immunity ability so It will also appear in

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