The Confederation (World Building Notes)

The Confederation is one of the factions in the book I'm writing who are essentially the bad guys in the story, but, they aren't exactly the "Bad Guys." I don't like the idea of Good and Bad, I prefer to give each faction or group a reason for what they do, just so they are kind of morally grey.

This post will be about them as a faction, how they formed, how they got their name, and what they're about.


The Confederation was formed when the human race discovered space travel. For many years they had run tests within their own solar system, experimenting with engines. But, it was only when they constructed a base on their origin world's moon, that they were able to travel beyond their solar system. Stasis sleep made those early journeys possible before they discovered Jump System. Once they learned to Star Jump they were able to truly expand.

They colonised one planet successfully within their own solar system, but, the world was abandoned only 76 years later when they realized there was nothing to gain from this new world, and keeping people there was doing nothing but hemorrhaging money.

The first successful planet was named Fernada, named after the goddess of prosperity. This world was rich in resources and was the first time the government found that colonisation of other worlds was not only feasible but, also profitable. They found it easy, especially when the idea of paradise worlds, untouched by man was sold to the people of the over-populated origin world, Gurbis.

Fernada had to send the majority of the resources they harvested, back to Gurbis. At first, this wasn't a problem, but, more people came and the small townships and cities quickly became overpopulated too. After a few decades of extreme over-expansion, the idyllic paradise world had become no different than the home world most escaped from.

The third planet to be colonised was one called Yaras VI, the same thing happened there and within 100 years, the human race was in control of 3 fully fledged worlds, no longer colonies, these planets were capable of their own independant rule.

But, the people of Fernada and Yaras VI soon discovered that no matter how wealthy they became or how hard they worked, they could never move to the origin world of Gurbis. This led to public disorder and the people of Fernada and Yaras VI started to wonder why they should have to pay tribute to Gurbis, while leaving themselves without enough to be fully self-sufficient.

Riots started, which soon turned into a fully-fledged revolution. The people of Yaras VI were the first to strike against the small military presence of their world and they claimed their independence.

The government of Gubris didn't like the idea of a world, not far from them, having total independence and they started to feel the pinch of the lack of resources and tribute they were now, not receiving. But, the government didn't act fast enough and soon Fernada followed suit. This was the real issue for Gubris, two independent worlds were a problem, especially if they organised amongst themselves.

Gubris responded in the only way they could. A full-blown invasion, aimed at reclaiming control of the two worlds by force.

Yaras VI was put to the glass and images of the devastation were shown to Fernada. But, it didn't stop the two planets from resisting. The war waged for a few years until it was decided that another approach was necessary. Reasoning.

The three planets entered negotiations and decided on a fair distribution of wealth and equal travel rights between the planets. After this agreement was made, the three planets joined with one another, forming The Confederation.

It was beneficial for all, as each of the planets could move independently and colonise other worlds as they saw fit, bringing each world under the banner of The Confederation, and between them, they bolstered humanity's presence and technological advancements within a very short space of time.

The Confederation grew exponentially and soon they realised that they were not the only ones in the galaxy. They discovered Free Space and found that these worlds had an Alliance of their own. The first contact was peaceful, but, there was a problem. The Confederation had grown so used to expansion that it was hard for them to stop as each new colony would give the brunt of their planets fresh resources and would be a place to offload some of their population. Especially the people with no prospects.

Now that expansion wasn't possible they had to look elsewhere, but, could not find many suitable worlds.

The Confederation suffered, resources they had were distributed too thinly to be beneficial to all worlds and public disorder due to this became an issue, the treasury was starting to buckle and without someone or something the people could unify against they all started to direct their hate towards the government. But, then, something happened. Raids.

Gnosian raiding parties started to attack colony worlds, unprovoked, this was the opportunity they needed, and with this came the call to arms and the Free Space Invasion began.

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